Christmas 2009

One of the many amazing things my new camera does is take really nice photos in the dark, without a flash. This is great. Here’s one from Christmas Eve, looking out the window of JeJu in Fort Collins, where my dad and I had sushi.

Salmon and tuna sashimi, and a rainbow roll. I would support Christmas Eve sushi becoming a permanent tradition.

After quite a few years of dog-less Christmases, we were pretty well inundated with dogs this year. This is Annabelle, a friend’s dog who spent the week with me, with my dad and sister:

And of course Clementine, my favorite canine photo subject:

Clemmie moves at the speed of light during most waking hours, which poses a challenge to any photographer. Sometimes she will hold still for 1/60th of a second, which is luckily just the amount of time a shutter needs to be open for an indoor photo.

And then there’s Z’nah and Cooper, who have proven to be pretty much useless at any sort of watch-dogging:

And finally, the non-canine crowd:

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  1. A truly remarkable photo of Clemmie! … and yes to sushi for me, too.

  2. Matt and I say that your night photo is one of the most beautiful we’ve ever seen and should be sent to National Geographic!

  3. :-) thanks guys.

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